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Mailing a chain

Posted by dracoling

Made my friend Eileen a bracelet tonight, hope it fits. Found out that it only takes about 40 minutes of work to make now, so instead of a substantive post, you get OVERLOADED WITH PICTURES!

Step 1: Individual Chains
Individual Chains
Make two European 4-in-1 chains, one with metal outsides, one with rubber insides. (In the picture, the blue is metal, the black is rubber)

Step 2: Two are made one!
Two are made one
Seam the two chains together into one singular chain. This is where it starts looking AWESOME.

Step DONE: Yep, Done.
Spread em!
Slim and Sexy
Join both ends of the chain together, ready to attach the wrist!

That's how it's done.


great day, not much to say

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I had a wonderful day for a lot of reasons today.

  1. Watched the Caprica Pilot again last night - don't spoil the show for me, I need to catch it on hulu.
  2. Slept late this morning - always awesome
  3. Did laundry! - I hear clean clothing is all the rage now
  4. ... other things 😉
  5. Sold chainmaille! - People actually bought something I made \o/

No links today, wasn't online... like AT ALL (maybe I should add that to the list).


Ve vill pahmp yoo up!

Posted by dracoling

Tonight I got my membership at Anytime Fitness with my buddy Scott, so now I can work out whenever I feel like it! Hopefully I start feeling like it soon... this membership junk isn't cheap.

News from other worlds

I posted this zombie thing on my Facebook status the other day:
Facebook | Zombie thing

I came to work the next day and a Andrew tells me "Dude! That stupid zombie thing you posted gave me nightmares last night! I dreamed I was running around the studio with a shotgun because [Famous Star Who Shall Not Be Named] had been turned into a zombie!"

Needless to say, I LOLed, as did everyone else who heard the story.

Things that happened:

I had a random adventure in video casting last night, if you want to see the recording, please head over to the show page for Boredom Rampant on ustream.tv. The first 10 minutes are okay, I kinda liked the little logo I made, and then the show sorta devolved because I didn't really pick a topic. I got some pretty positive feedback from the twothree people who watched it, so I'll probably try again.

That pretty much wraps up tonight's spam. Sorry for the crappy posts the past few days, but you get what you paid for, and nobody paid me NUFFIN!

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I didn’t forget

Posted by dracoling

I just have nothing to say. I wasted all my creative energies in the first 10 seconds of the broadcast tonight. If you want to watch 21 minutes of yammering on about nothing at all, feel free to watch the video.

I'm going to bed. I'll do a filler post with links and stuff in the morning, I'm just not into it right now.



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First thing I said when I walked in the door tonight was "oh crap! is it still today?!"

Sorry for forgetting you today my poor blog. I'll post a doubleplusgood entry for tomorrow, and don't forget that the first Boredom Rampant show is happening tomorrow night (schedule TBD). Please post any suggestions for topics or whatever ASAP.

See you in a few hours!

Reading Material:

  • Devil's Panties (comic) - I loved my epic journey through the archives of this one. Thanks for reinspiring my love of doing insane things Jennie!

Too Excited!

Posted by dracoling

Today I realized that I'm really excited for this year's New York Comic Con/Anime Festival. Its not until October (8-10), but I'm already planning random things that I want to do or have by then.

I think a big part of it is the meetup I'm trying to organize with the group of World of Warcraft players I consider my guildmates in Midnight Run. This is the crew that I really enjoyed the game with and to be honest, the only reason I still play it. I'd also like all of you to come too! Hopefully we can all get together outside of the interwebs!

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Heavy Metal!

Posted by dracoling

I was asked today "are you in to heavy metal?"

This question confused me, until I thought about the two chainmail cuffs on my wrists and the long hair. I said "I guess, I'm into a lot of music".

On the way in to work this morning I was sorta sleeping to Oren Lavie's album The Opposite Side of the Sea, on the subway I was doing some Daft Punk, and on the way home it was Rockapella.  But yeah, sometimes I'm into heavy metal. Mostly chainmaile and webservers 😉

PS: For those of you who noticed: yes, I did almost miss posting today, it was an astoundingly hectic day at work. Massive virus outbreak threatened the youtube-ability of all those poor office workers and I had to beat it back into submission!

PPS: if anyone felt like commenting on this or any other entry, that'd be awesome. Sometimes I like feeling like this is going nowhere, and sometimes I don't.

PPPS: Don't forget this thursday is the first episode of Boredom Rampant. I'm still accepting suggestions (hint, hint).



Filmed before a live studio audience

Posted by dracoling

Each year my sister and I bake and decorate a cake for our dad's birthday. I usually have some great idea but no clue how to bring it off, she bakes up two sheet cakes for me and then I start turning it into... a something.

This year, thanks to the wonders of modern science, I was able to stream it live to the internet and record it for posterity on my show "Boredom Rampant" on ustream.tv. This was an amazing experience to me. I finally used the ustream platform for something other than a quick test or to poke and see what it did. My family from all over the country (and friends from all over the world) got to share in the incoherent adventure that I turn cake-shaping into.

I think I'm going to start making plans for some kind of regular activity on "Boredom Rampant", and so I'm looking for suggestions of what to do. I'm fairly certain that there's nobody reading this page that doesn't know me, so feel free to suggest anything. Even if you just want to see me go insane and start ranting about something, I can do that (and apparently do it quite often).

Lets have some fun, a little adventure if you will. This Thursday night, January 28th at a time to be announced, my first actual show will go online.  The content will be dictated completely by you folks out there in the interwebs. Bring it on!

Reading Material

  • A tale of two qubits - Ars.Technica - Ever wondered how a quantum computer works?
  • Devil's Panties (comic) - Digging through the archives on this one, I'm up to November 2003.
  • My Comics Addiction - Private Google Wave containing a list of all the webcomics I've been reading lately and some micro-reviews. Comment here or hit me up on facebook/twitter/IM for access to it.

What it is

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People seem to assume that as a male of my generation who is involved in technology that I must be an avid player or even afficianado of video games. The truth is that I am rarely a consumer of that type of entertainment. When I was a kid we never had video games in the house. Now my sister is coowner of a local game store. Does this mean I have some kind of unconscious link to the video game news media? That I know when every new game comes out? All the rumor about the latest vaporware or your favorite ancient title that might he ressurected? Probably not, but I might be able to get a game that you used to love but forgot existed.

I may not know shit. About shit, but you can bet that I can find out.

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I, Robot

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Last night I installed xdandroid on my Sprint Touch Pro. Man am I ready to run screaming away from Windows Mobile into the loving arms of an Android based phone. Even in the alpha-quality hacked-together implementation I was using last night the phone was unbelievably responsive and the interface was a pleasure to use.

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New Things I've Signed Up For:

  • blip.fm/dracoling - A musical microblogging platform?
  • blippy.com/dracoling - Brag about my Woot!/iTunes purchases automagically. Not sure why this is useful or who would care, but I signed up anyway.