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Poi beginnings

Posted by dracoling

A coworker asked me about poi spinning today, what it is and why I do it and where I learned. After a brief discussion he asked if I could send him some videos of it. Here's what I shared with him.


Here's a video of a friend of mine spinning fire at that Connecticut retreat (WildFire Retreat, mentioned last month):



Nathaniel Everist from Australia is one of the folks I learned the most from when I was starting out:



Another great group I learn from is Nick Woolsey (from Canada) and playpoi.com




Heavy Metal!

Posted by dracoling

I was asked today "are you in to heavy metal?"

This question confused me, until I thought about the two chainmail cuffs on my wrists and the long hair. I said "I guess, I'm into a lot of music".

On the way in to work this morning I was sorta sleeping to Oren Lavie's album The Opposite Side of the Sea, on the subway I was doing some Daft Punk, and on the way home it was Rockapella.  But yeah, sometimes I'm into heavy metal. Mostly chainmaile and webservers 😉

PS: For those of you who noticed: yes, I did almost miss posting today, it was an astoundingly hectic day at work. Massive virus outbreak threatened the youtube-ability of all those poor office workers and I had to beat it back into submission!

PPS: if anyone felt like commenting on this or any other entry, that'd be awesome. Sometimes I like feeling like this is going nowhere, and sometimes I don't.

PPPS: Don't forget this thursday is the first episode of Boredom Rampant. I'm still accepting suggestions (hint, hint).