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I’m in a mood

Posted by dracoling

16:35:50 dracoling: what's up tonight? we hanging out or going to the gym at least?
16:35:59 scottmon81: sure
16:40:25 scottmon81: when u getting in?
16:40:33 dracoling: NEVAR!@#
16:40:36 dracoling: err, I mean
16:40:37 dracoling: 7ish
16:40:42 scottmon81: lol
16:40:54 dracoling: yeah, I'm in a mood today
16:41:02 scottmon81: lol
16:41:08 scottmon81: ooo a mood
16:41:11 dracoling: err... uhm
16:41:30 dracoling: I think I need you to take me to my house so that I can set the internet back up
16:41:41 scottmon81: mm kk'
16:41:43 dracoling: dad just emailed me that he unplugged everything
16:42:15 dracoling: and mom called like 20 minutes ago from PA like "yeah, the car... tire... blah blah blah... pennsylvania... blah blah... things"
16:42:24 scottmon81: yuck
16:42:32 dracoling: and I was all "yes. call someone who can things"
16:42:50 scottmon81: nothing u can do
16:42:53 dracoling: and she goes "okaaaaay.... but I just wanted to make sure that you .... blah blah blah blah"
16:43:04 dracoling: she called kb, who is better be there already
16:43:31 dracoling: I said I would stay at the office until 5 to danny... but I want to leave... uhm... 2 hours ago
16:43:40 dracoling: but he's paying me overtime!
16:43:43 dracoling: so I like overtime
16:43:45 scottmon81: woot overtime
16:43:46 dracoling: its like money
16:43:47 dracoling: only more
16:43:50 scottmon81: it almost 5 lol
16:43:55 dracoling: did I mention I'm in a mood?
16:44:11 scottmon81: need to spin that mood out of u
16:44:12 dracoling: I think I'm gonna go have like... half a case of mountain dew and take a nap
16:44:38 scottmon81: lol
16:45:39 dracoling: in case you're wondering, that's the same sound you would hear if a bear and a unicorn were having a 3-way with an icecream cake... a concentrated ball of awesome exploding the universe we live in
16:46:03 dracoling: I have a pillow on my head now



Posted by dracoling

First thing I said when I walked in the door tonight was "oh crap! is it still today?!"

Sorry for forgetting you today my poor blog. I'll post a doubleplusgood entry for tomorrow, and don't forget that the first Boredom Rampant show is happening tomorrow night (schedule TBD). Please post any suggestions for topics or whatever ASAP.

See you in a few hours!

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  • Devil's Panties (comic) - I loved my epic journey through the archives of this one. Thanks for reinspiring my love of doing insane things Jennie!

What it is

Posted by dracoling

People seem to assume that as a male of my generation who is involved in technology that I must be an avid player or even afficianado of video games. The truth is that I am rarely a consumer of that type of entertainment. When I was a kid we never had video games in the house. Now my sister is coowner of a local game store. Does this mean I have some kind of unconscious link to the video game news media? That I know when every new game comes out? All the rumor about the latest vaporware or your favorite ancient title that might he ressurected? Probably not, but I might be able to get a game that you used to love but forgot existed.

I may not know shit. About shit, but you can bet that I can find out.

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