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Funny Guy

Posted by dracoling

Sometimes I make stupid analogies that make me laugh. Here's a recent example:

dracoling: let me put it this way
dracoling: it's like building a car out of blenders
dracoling: sure, I guess if you add enough duct tape and chop the blenders into the right shape you might be able to get it to pretend to be a car... sorta
dracoling: but it's never going to be a good car


What it is

Posted by dracoling

People seem to assume that as a male of my generation who is involved in technology that I must be an avid player or even afficianado of video games. The truth is that I am rarely a consumer of that type of entertainment. When I was a kid we never had video games in the house. Now my sister is coowner of a local game store. Does this mean I have some kind of unconscious link to the video game news media? That I know when every new game comes out? All the rumor about the latest vaporware or your favorite ancient title that might he ressurected? Probably not, but I might be able to get a game that you used to love but forgot existed.

I may not know shit. About shit, but you can bet that I can find out.

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