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Just do it.

Posted by dracoling

Feel like your life is boring? Your friends don't share your interests or you don't know anybody to hang out with? You go home from work, lock yourself in your room and wait for morning to do it all over again?

I was like that for years. Then one day something changed everything, and part of that something was me developing my new personal mantra... Whenever I'm feeling down or misunderstood or alone, it helps to remember this simple phrase.

Fuck you guys, I'm awesome.

Now go out there and do something that frightens the shit out of you, just because you can!


it burns like awesome

Posted by dracoling

my legs feel ancient! stupid workout.

Today some random links about awesome light graffiti projects.

Random Links:

  • L.A.S.E.R. Tag - with howto!
  • Asperger's and Fries a new webshow by an old friend of mine from back in the days of organized homeschooling. Can't wait to see more of this, he's a really creative guy.

Mailing a chain

Posted by dracoling

Made my friend Eileen a bracelet tonight, hope it fits. Found out that it only takes about 40 minutes of work to make now, so instead of a substantive post, you get OVERLOADED WITH PICTURES!

Step 1: Individual Chains
Individual Chains
Make two European 4-in-1 chains, one with metal outsides, one with rubber insides. (In the picture, the blue is metal, the black is rubber)

Step 2: Two are made one!
Two are made one
Seam the two chains together into one singular chain. This is where it starts looking AWESOME.

Step DONE: Yep, Done.
Spread em!
Slim and Sexy
Join both ends of the chain together, ready to attach the wrist!

That's how it's done.