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Filmed before a live studio audience

Posted by dracoling

Each year my sister and I bake and decorate a cake for our dad's birthday. I usually have some great idea but no clue how to bring it off, she bakes up two sheet cakes for me and then I start turning it into... a something.

This year, thanks to the wonders of modern science, I was able to stream it live to the internet and record it for posterity on my show "Boredom Rampant" on ustream.tv. This was an amazing experience to me. I finally used the ustream platform for something other than a quick test or to poke and see what it did. My family from all over the country (and friends from all over the world) got to share in the incoherent adventure that I turn cake-shaping into.

I think I'm going to start making plans for some kind of regular activity on "Boredom Rampant", and so I'm looking for suggestions of what to do. I'm fairly certain that there's nobody reading this page that doesn't know me, so feel free to suggest anything. Even if you just want to see me go insane and start ranting about something, I can do that (and apparently do it quite often).

Lets have some fun, a little adventure if you will. This Thursday night, January 28th at a time to be announced, my first actual show will go online.  The content will be dictated completely by you folks out there in the interwebs. Bring it on!

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