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Ve vill pahmp yoo up!

Posted by dracoling

Tonight I got my membership at Anytime Fitness with my buddy Scott, so now I can work out whenever I feel like it! Hopefully I start feeling like it soon... this membership junk isn't cheap.

News from other worlds

I posted this zombie thing on my Facebook status the other day:
Facebook | Zombie thing

I came to work the next day and a Andrew tells me "Dude! That stupid zombie thing you posted gave me nightmares last night! I dreamed I was running around the studio with a shotgun because [Famous Star Who Shall Not Be Named] had been turned into a zombie!"

Needless to say, I LOLed, as did everyone else who heard the story.

Things that happened:

I had a random adventure in video casting last night, if you want to see the recording, please head over to the show page for Boredom Rampant on ustream.tv. The first 10 minutes are okay, I kinda liked the little logo I made, and then the show sorta devolved because I didn't really pick a topic. I got some pretty positive feedback from the twothree people who watched it, so I'll probably try again.

That pretty much wraps up tonight's spam. Sorry for the crappy posts the past few days, but you get what you paid for, and nobody paid me NUFFIN!

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