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My Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place like none other. I felt, therefore, that the best way to document my trip would be to tweet about my experience, in real time, exclusively in Haiku.

Below are my Haikus, taken directly from my Twitter account, in chronological order.

[10:48 PM EST March 11th, 2011]:
Oasis of sin, you are where I want to be. Viva Las #Vegas. #Haiku

[12:51 PM EST March 12th, 2011]:
Neon lights abound. No shoes? No shirt? No problem! Las #Vegas sunrise. #haiku.

[01:09 AM EST March 13th, 2011]:
And that's the last zip. I'm packed and ready to go. #Vegas, here we come. #haiku

[05:44 AM EDT March 13th, 2011]:
Waiting at the gate. On the plane I'll close my eyes. Las #Vegas dreaming. #haiku

[07:22 AM EDT March 13th, 2011]:
Our flight got delayed. We would have missed our connect. Now we fly direct. #Vegas #haiku

[02:21 PM EDT March 13th, 2011]:
Landed in #Vegas. By the time I send this tweet, you know I'll be drunk. #haiku

[05:19 PM EDT March 13th, 2011]:
#Vegas vacation: the festivities begin. Rock hard at #HardRock.

[07:08 PM EDT March 13th, 2011]:
No swimming bathing or other use of facility after dark. #haiku

[02:18 AM EDT March 14th, 2011]:
Going to the club. Vanity, dancing, drinking. God blesses the youth. #Vegas #haiku

[02:45 AM EDT March 14th, 2011]:
Waiting in the line to ask the big bouncer guy about the door line. #Vanity #HardRock #Vegas #Haiku

[05:06 AM EDT March 14th, 2011]:
Didn't get in club. Won a fortune's worth of life. God bless Las #Vegas. #haiku

[02:34 PM EDT March 14th, 2011]:
Awake and drinking. Zack made us morning cocktails. Sip these. Don't shoot it. #Vegas #Haiku

[01:58 AM EDT March 15th, 2011]:
Lucky 6 and 8. She hit 5 points in a row. She's my golden goose. #Vegas #craps

[04:15 PM EDT March 16th, 2011]:
Love how, in #Vegas, the waitress says good morning at one-ten P M. #haiku #Denny's

[04:25 PM EDT March 16th, 2011]:
Like a champion, like a champion that is fo' sho'. I'm #winning. #Vegas #haiku

[04:27 PM EDT March 17th, 2011]:
And she is drinking like she's never drank before. She is #biwinning. #Vegas #haiku

I have no recollection of anything that occurred after that last tweet. The next thing I remember, I was waking up on the plane after landing back in Newark.

Yeah, it was a great trip.


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