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Free is good, but…

Posted by dracoling

Many people think of the internet as the ultimate  "Land of the Free". Free software; free services; free everything. Few people stop to consider, "what does that mean for those who take their time and skills to create that which I consume freely?"

When I was younger, I simply took. And signed up. And downloaded. And got everything I possibly could. For free. Every site; every program. The free one was always the one I wanted. At the time this was the rule; if only because I didn't have any money, so I couldn't buy anything.

Now that I'm older and slightly more experienced, with a greater income line matched only by a greater expense line (and only more wealthy in that more money runs away from me every month,  so I guess that at least one line of the spreadsheet suggests I have more than I used to) I have begun making efforts to support those who make the free stuff that I enjoy most.

I appreciate their effort and can releate to the non-monetary expenses required to create something and allow others take it, use it, view it, share it with others, and even make parts or all of it their own. In addition to helping with the bottom line where I can, I would like to highlight the efforts of some of my favorite developers, artists, and writers, here on these pages. My hope is that I can share their work with our readers, so that maybe they all can enjoy and one day help to support these creators, themselves.

"I will give you my sword, and together we may fight and die. Or I can raise, for you, an army. And together we may all fight and live." - Anonymous