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Burning Beats and a Shining Light of Craziness

Posted by dracoling

Last weekend was the Spring 2011 WildFire Retreat. I had the pleasure of traveling and camping with some of my dear friends from Consolidated Awesome, and it was amazing.

Lets get on with the good stuff? Okay, here it is!

  • friday.mp3 - 374.1mb 3h10m - Even though I forgot my power adapter for my MacBook Pro at home, I was able to record all the way up to the final "goodnight"! I was so happy to find out that I had gotten it all.
  • saturday.mp3 - 388.6mb 3h34m - I was fortunate enough to borrow a power adapter for Saturday night. Thanks again whoever you were (sorry, I'm awful with names).
  • sunday... - Sorry, there's no recording of Sunday because I was only able to borrow the power adapter for Saturday. In addition I was having far too much fun playing with my INSANE FLOWTOYS OF INSANITY (more below).

On Sunday night, after the performance class I assembled and lit the series of tubes that was variably named "a big mistake", "a bad idea" and "awesomely stupid" (all labels applied by me). It consisted of 20 FlowLights in various sized tubes assembled into mega-sized toys.

Round 1: MEGA POI - 10 lights, 2 connectors, 3 tubes in each of 2 gigantic (approximately 6ft) poi. They were spun on benches, and on stilts and I even spun them (with little hops and jumps) while standing (long arm) on the ground. After everyone who wanted to had tried this craziness out, we moved on to...

Round 2: MONSTER STAFF - Remove flowpoi caps, insert contact staff handle. Result? 15 foot contact staff with about a foot of sag from center to ends. This thing was insane. In a show of complete badassery, Terry Fields was able to pull off both a cartwheel  with the staff on his back and (what looked like) a full matrix. He and I then proceeded to harass the people standing around the fire pits into lighting up and getting the spinning started for real, by imitating a gigantic glowing bird screaming and chasing me across the field.

It was wonderful. It was hilarious. I didn't get any pictures of it! 🙁

If any of you have or know people who may have pictures or video of the epic flow madness from Sunday at 2011 Spring WildFire, please contact me to share.

Thanks for another great event, keep burning brightly, and spread the awesome!

~ Mike