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Love/Hate the Surface Pro 4 for Art

Posted by dracoling

I've been stumbling around trying to get into making art recently using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 I was assigned by work. This has been generally fun, but (I believe) a recent update has caused my pen input to be troublesome in more than one program. Below are the fixes I've found so far:

Krita - No fix so far, pen works fine for a few minutes and then SYSTEM STOPS NOTICING ANY PEN INPUT (not just in Krita). Reboot resets the driver, I'm guessing it's probably an N-trig vs wintab error.

Photoshop CS 6 - Brush stuck? input non-responsive after a single stroke, acting as if some key was still held. Other applications working fine, so this time it's just a photoshop issue. FIX: Create file "PSUserConfig.txt" with the text "UseSystemStylus 0" in "%Appdata%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS 6\Adobe Photoshop CS6 Settings\". This will force photoshop to  use the Wintab driver and "ignore Windows Pen and Ink". (found via Youtube)

I'm off to art some stuff, I wanted to document this in case it was found anywhere else. Note: The Photoshop fix above will also work for Creative Cloud edition according to the YouTube poster. YMMV.


Real Life Radio

Posted by dracoling

This past weekend I took and passed the HAM Technician test, which has been a vague life goal for years now. I say vague because it kept fading out of site under other things I was doing. While I wait for my ID to get processed by the FCC I decided to dig up information on the radio tower at work.

It's actually pretty interesting from a radio nerd and history perspective.

First some pictures with a little info: http://deakworld.weebly.com/ham-radio-odds--sods.html

Then a thread with some more info on QRZ: http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?217251-Antenna-Discoveries-in-NY&p=1694077#post1694077

I am going to try to get permission this week to go exploring and take my own pictures... for science.