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As my friends will be happy to tell you, I have WAAAAY too many hobbies. This is a list of the ones that I've touched just this week. If you're ever wondering why I have no time... wonder no more!

  • software development (yeah, I class this as a hobby. I don't have time to do it at work anymore)
  • video gaming (Halo: Reach is pretty good)
  • paper geometry (its awesome to make stuff out of stuff)
  • chainmail (I need to go back to making pieces)
  • sketching (its hella bad but I have fun with it sometimes)
  • poi (next month I'm either going to be really good or my arms are going to fall off!)
  • learning guitar (I don't have enough going on, now I'm going to try this again)

Things that I want to do again but haven't done recently:

  • play flute
  • play piano
  • go biking

pointless post is pointless!

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